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Types of Tasks

Work with our BizOps Managers and other SupaAgents to carry out the following microtasks.

Image Annotation

Create bounding boxes in images or videos to train computers to recognise objects.

Data Management

Conduct data-related tasks from research to database cleaning and data entry.

Data Tagging

Label and categorize images, videos or texts into relevant categories and sub-categories.

Content Moderation

Approve or reject various types of content to ensure they’re accurate.


Being a SupaAgent means that I get to stay home and take care of my new born baby while earning a side income and work with all different types of jobs and companies!

Hana Fauzi


What I like most about being a SupaAgent is the opportunity to work flexible hours. As long as I pay attention to the results and get my work done, it doesn’t matter if I start at 5:30 AM, 9:00 AM or noon..

Jerico Suazo


My SupaAgent experience has been different than other online jobs, it feels like one big family! I also enjoy that the different projects allow me to continuously learn new things.



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What is Supahands?

Supahands is a Malaysian-based technology company that works with clients from around the world. Supahands prepares clean and accurate training data for machine learning, with the help of our curated SupaAgents.

What is a SupaAgent?

Our SupaAgents consist of crowdsourced individuals from around the world who work part time on different projects available via our platform. SupaAgents have a very important role in executing our clients’ projects - it is a job that requires a lot of discipline and attention to detail. Their daily jobs include various tasks such as image annotation, data transcription and tagging and categorization.

How do I apply to be a SupaAgent?

Applications are currently closed as we have enough SupaAgents for now.

How much can I earn as a SupaAgent?

The average SupaAgent can earn anywhere from MYR20 to MYR1000 in a month. It depends entirely on how much work you’ve completed and the complexity of the projects that you work on. You can work on an unlimited number of available projects and there is no cap to how much a SupaAgent can earn. It is important to note that in order to withdraw monthly earnings, you need to earn at least MYR20 from projects.

Can my earnings as a SupaAgent replace my full time job?

While many of our current SupaAgents have boosted their incomes substantially, due to the fact that we have a community of over 10,000 SupaAgents and the competitiveness to join projects, we would advise your work as a SupaAgent to be an income booster rather than a sole source of income due to the fluctuating number of available projects.

How do I pass the SupaAgent Assessment?

While we aren’t able to share direct feedback regarding the assessment, we can tell you that our assessments are designed to test for attention to detail and comprehension of the instructions.

How do I get paid?

As we have SupaAgents around the world, the method of payment varies. Here are payment methods that we currently use:

  • Bank Transfer (Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam)

  • PayPal (please ensure that your account is able to receive money)

  • Cash Pickup (Philippines only)

Do I need to pay anything in order to sign up?

No, being a SupaAgent will always be free.

Are there minimum hours required monthly?

The flexibility to set your schedule is one of the main reasons why many enjoy being a SupaAgent. As such, the projects on the platform have varying levels of required minimum hours and many have no requirements at all. As it’s important to fulfill the hours required by the projects, pick a project that best suits your availability.

Will I get any training or support?

Although being a SupaAgent is a home-based job, you won’t be left to complete the work alone! Our team of Business Operations Managers are always available and ready to offer support or guidance from the very start and will be with you through the entire duration of the project. You will also always have a team of fellow SupaAgents to work alongside. For everything else, there’s the SupaAgent Hub!

What is the SupaAgent Hub?

SupaAgent Hub is a dedicated team at Supahands who take care of our SupaAgent community.